3 Things you didn’t know about Cava

Cava is one of our favourite sparkling wines, we drank nearly 250 million bottles of it last year and our thirst for these quality wines from Spain show no signs of being quenched just yet.

We know that Cava is a great value sparkling wine, that will brighten up any occasion, but it is not just about easy drinking bubbles. So, we’ve looked out a few facts that you might like to know about Cava.

It’s all in the name

1 The name Cava come from the Spanish word for the underground cellars where Spain’s number one sparkling wines are aged in the lees. The word “Cava” means “cellar” in Spanish and the fitting moniker was chosen by local producers in order to give the wine its own denomination and distinguish it from its French counterpart, then known by the Spanish as “champán”.

Ageing beautifully

2 Cava, like any quality sparkling wine, has legally defined ageing parameters. Whilst Cava can only be called Cava when it is made by the traditional method – this ageing on the lees and second fermentation in bottle, is what gives the wine its unique taste and character.

The Cava D.O. rules for ageing Cava mean that all sparkling wine producers in the Penedes region have to age their non vintage wines for a minimum of 9 months, Reserva wines for a minimum of 15 months and Gran Reserva wines for a minimum of 30 months.

Location, location, location

3 The new Cava de Paraje classification means that top quality Cava can only come from specific sites; the soil, climate and location of a single site vineyard are essential to make the very best Cavas.

This new premium classification was only launched in 2018 and producers wanting to make the very best Cava have to fulfil a number of difficult tasks to ensure that they make the grade.

To find out more visit http://www.docava.es