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The first ever Cava Discovery Week takes place this autumn, giving you a fabulous chance to taste and enjoy premium Cavas at top bars and restaurants, in shops and wine merchants around the country.

Brought to you by the DO Cava, Cava Discovery Week is all about drinking Reserva, Gran Reserva and Cava de Paraje wines, helping you to discover the diversity and high quality of Spain’s number one sparkling wine.

Where? Where?

You can enjoy great Cava at the place indicated on the map.

Each establishment involved in Cava Discovery Week will be promoting great Cava for 7 days. Giving you the chance to sample top sparkling wines form the region and find out more about why Cava is so much more than just a glass of bubbles.

Cava Discovery Week takes place between the 18th and 23rd November 2019.

Why? Why?

The DOP Cava, winemakers and producers are committed to showing how special Cava is and the Cava Discovery Week is all about you finding out why.

Made from unique international and native grape varieties (macabeu, perellada and xarel.lo) Cava is made by the traditional method which means that the second fermentation – the bit that creates the fabulous bubbles) is done in the bottle and the wines are then aged to give more flavour and character to the wine. DOP Cava wants you to learn more about why the Reserva, Gran Reserva and Cava de Paraje Wines are what you should be trying and enjoying.

Who? Who?

The DOP Cava is the official governing body in the region of Penedès, Catalunña (Spain) which ensures that every bottle of Cava you drink is the best possible quality.

The producers and brand owners who make the Cava are members of this association. Together they are creating the Cava Discovery Week to make sure you learn more about quality Cava.

Visit the international DOP Cava website click here. 

How to find out more

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